Last year, Lake Charles was hit with a devastating blow. We had two hurricanes that hit us back to back in August and October. Hurricanes Laura and Delta were not to be played with and left a path of destruction that we are still trying to come back from. Obviously, with a natural disaster like that, you are bound to be faced with inconveniences. Aside from losing internet capabilities which was the lifeline of many who were here and having to work remotely or deal with insurance companies, we also had to deal with the loss of power. My family and I were without power for close to 2 months and even when it came back on we had to deal with the aftermath.

Ironically over a year later, later many are dealing with the rise of prices on their energy bills. I know that we have had to endure a hot summer, but I was shocked with my recent bill statements and the price that didn't seem to be going down anytime soon. Over the weekend I asked a question on Facebook to see if I was the only one that was noticing a rise in their bill. To my surprise, I wasn't, and below you can see some of the comments from some of my followers who were obviously just as disturbed as I was about their electric bills.

Energy Bill Question
Electric Bill Question1
Electric Bill 2

I understand that sometimes we have to pay the price for the inconvenience, but this is getting kind of ridiculous. Many people simply can't afford these high prices that are being generated every month. Also as you have seen above, some have homes that they are currently not living in and have higher bills than some who are there every day. What is Entergy doing to help local residents who are just trying to live and get back to some type of normalcy in the city? Are you currently dealing with an increase in your energy bill as well?


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