The registered coonass himself, Jamie Bergeron is celebrating his 38th birthday today.  Jamie is known for his high powered shows and original songs and today I am sure this crazy Cajun will be celebrating like a Cajun Rock star like he is!

He is a little about Jamie and his band the "Kickin' Cajuns".

They’ve become one of the most sought after acts playing

along the Gulf Coast and on any given weekend you’ll find

JAMIE BERGERON & the kickin’ cajuns

performing at most festivals, corporate events and clubs.

A veteran EMT with Acadian Ambulance,

JAMIE is a  life-saver, singer-songwriter, accordion player

and just a real charming guy!!!

Their fans, both young and old, are some of the most devout...

always at the shows, buying CDs,  t-shirts and whatever else

they can get their hands on.

The band’s got five CDs in their catalog and are beginning to appear all across the country.

Even the Discovery Channel has featured their music

on the popular “Great Biker Build Off 2” series.

There’s no way to really explain why or how,

you’ve just got to experience it for yourself,

to understand what everybody’s talking about down in South Louisiana...

And before long, you too will be saying

“I Know Dat’s Right!!!”


Make sure to go to Jamie's Facebook page and wish him Happy Birthday!

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