The date was January 8th, 1935. The place was Tupelo, Mississippi. The man born on that date, and in that city, would change music forever. Elvis Presley would be 76 today, and since his death in 1977, fans have continued to make the pilgrimage to Graceland from far and wide to celebrate what has become a national holiday for many of the Elvis faithful.

Just to show the scope of his international influence, today's celebration included a special guest from Chile.

Hundreds of Elvis Presley fans, including Chilean miner Edison Pena, gathered Saturday at Graceland to sing "Happy Birthday" on the late rock n' roll icon's 76th birthday.

Pena, the guest of honor at Elvis' birthday party, cut into a 4-foot high cake fashioned to look like stacked television sets as fans cheered both the singer and the miner outside Elvis' longtime Memphis home.

The now famous Chilean Elvis fan even sang Elvis some of "The King's" songs during his 69 day underground ordeal. While he speaks little English, Pena can sing Elvis' music, and reportedly sang in the mine to lift the spirits of his fellow miners.

While Elvis, the man, may be gone. His music lives, as does his influence on modern music. Happy Birthday Elvis

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