I can still smell and taste the legendary plate lunch eatery known as Hackett's Cajun Kitchen. The longtime staple in Lake Charles closed its doors in May of this year. After its closing, there was a lot of speculation as to what it would become. Some were hoping for it to be bought and just reopened, some figured it would just fall off the face of the earth.

Hackett's Cajun Kitchen

According to rumors, and now being confirmed by KPLC, Hackett's Cajun Kitchen in Lake Charles has a new owner. George Homsi is no stranger to the food business. His store in Lake Charles is known for its boudin and sausage, not to mention a selection of other home-style cooked foods. Homsi did not tell KPLC exactly what the plan for the building will be, but he did confirm the rumors that the place is being renovated.

Although we will miss Hackett's, I look forward to seeing what Homsi will bring to the table with his new establishment. Will it have any resemblance to Hackett's, or will it be remolded into something else we didn't know we needed in Lake Charles?

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