Louisiana has a new holiday, as Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has proclaimed Monday, March 22 as Red Beans and Rice Day in Louisiana.

Rice is basically a food group in Louisiana, and y'all know I am right. Add them red beans in there and you got one heck of a meal that has been feeding Louisiana families for years.

Now, some people don't like red beans and rice, some because of the taste while for others like me, it's the texture of the red beans. Some of us have a texture issue with foods, and red beans and Rice is one for me. With that being said, give me a steak rice and gravy anytime, but most in our fair state love them some red beans and rice.

The Governor's proclamation also puts the spotlight on three great Louisiana-based food companies with Cajun Country Rice, Camellia Foods, and Savoie's Foods. They are also featured for their generosity toward Second Harvest and the Baton Rouge food bank, making donations to these great causes.

If you go out to any participating grocery store and purchase products from Cajun Country Rice, Camellia Foods, or Savoie's Foods to make red beans and rice, it will directly benefit the Second Harvest and the Baton Rouge food banks. In our area, the participating retailers include Rouses Markets and Albertsons.

So go buy some fixings and help a great cause while celebrating Louisiana's Red Beans and Rice day on March 22.

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