I can remember a time growing up when your Social Security card was the card you had to hold on to for life. Then I got a license and realized that was two I needed to have with me. Now, the world is adding another card we apparently need to hold on to for a while, our COVID-19 vaccination card.

The card is pretty popular right now if you want to do almost anything, it seems. Royal Caribbean is requiring proof of you being vaccinated or a negative test before you board any of their ships. Concert venues might begin requiring the same thing soon, and there's no telling what else we will need them for in the future.

Laminating a completed card would be ideal, and Staples has the answer. According to Scary Mommy, Staples will laminate your card for free. The offer to laminate a free card is good until May 1, and you can have one card laminated for free.

Staples isn't the only one offering something free for a vaccination card. Krispy Kreme said they will give you a free glazed donut every day until the end of the year if you show up with your vaccination card. Sadly, we don't have a Krispy Kreme near Lake Charles, or I would also have to have a diabetes card.

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