So everyone in the College football world has been in awe of the perfromance of LSU sophmore running back Leonard Fournette so far this season.  Fournette has rushed the ball 73 times in three games for 631 yards and 8 touchdowns.  That's just three games folks.

Not only are his stats stagering but the way he is running is jaw dropping.  He is not avoiding defenders but instead he is running them over.  it almost looks like he looks for someone to hit while he is running the ball!

Well with that being said, I found this hilarious video of a funny joke ad posted on YouTube that offers legal representation and services to players from Mississippi State, Syracuse, or Auburn.  You know the teams LSU has already played this year and Leonard Fournette has ran all over.

Plus in the video is also talks about any other player who LSU faces this season that may get showed up or embarrased Leonard Fournette this season can also get legal representation.

Get ready to laugh outloud!

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