Wallet Hub has ranked America's best and worst cities for football. The good news is that no Louisiana cities made the "worst" list and four Louisiana cities made the "best" list.

New Orleans Superdome
Chris Graythen/Getty Images

The criteria for the rankings included number of NFL and college teams, performance quality of teams, average ticket price, number of championships, number of divisions won, number of sports bars per capita, fan friendliness and engagement, franchise value, viewership rankings and attendance. No Louisiana cities made the "Best" top ten but four appeared in the top 100.

New Orleans not only came in at number 39 on the list but was also ranked the number three city for "Most Friendly and Engaged Fans." The next Louisiana city on the list was Baton Rouge checking in at number 57, followed by Lafayette at 76 and Monroe(what?) at number 86.

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