After the LSU Tigers Football team upset the then #3 team in the country Ole Miss, LSU fans stormed the field to celebrate.

Lake Charles native and former Barbe Buc record breaking receiver Trey Quinn along with other LSU football players found themselves surrounded by ecstatic fans ready to celebrate after LSU just upset unbeaten Ole Miss.  The next thing Trey knew, he was up in the air crowd surfing!

Trey described the experience to's Jeffery Marx saying:

“I was just walking around in a circle looking for people I knew, friends from home,” says Quinn, home being Lake Charles, Louisiana. “And then I hear people from behind me. ‘Pick him up. Pick him up.’ In like a second or two, everybody started lifting me up.”


These were all people he’d never seen before: random strangers. Yet they might as well have been family: Tiger fans.


“They just lifted me up on their shoulders, and then lifted me up a little higher,” Quinn says. “By that time, everybody started passing me around. I never had it happen to me before. You always see it, but, like, at concerts and stuff.”


Of course I went searching on YouTube and found an amatuer video of what happened minutes after LSU beat Ole Miss.  Check it out!