I can have some restraint when it comes to sweets, I have always been a sucker for savory foods. I have been a huge fan of charcuterie boards since I started drinking wine. It's embarrassing that the cheese lady at Kroger and Whole Foods recognize me, I should be ashamed, but I'm not. There is no doubt that a charcuterie board will be present at any event I host in my home.

We are almost to gingerbread house season. Isn't it sad that we all put so much effort into building a gingerbread house just to let it sit there for days on end falling apart in front of our eyes? I can't be the only one that gets annoyed that we spend so much on beautiful candy to put on a little house that we never eat. So, how about a delicious savory house that won't stay standing for long? I'm talking everything that belongs on a charcuterie board but in the form of a little baby house.

The Food Network has even put together a little how-to when it comes to making what they call a "Crudite 'Gingerbread' House". I am calling these beautiful creations Charcuterie Houses, let's stick with my name for now. Just imagine a crispy cheddar cracker covered with your favorite dry meat, your favorite cheeses, and you can even add veggies and fruit. You could create the most beautiful and edible centerpiece for your holiday party. Check out some Charcuterie houses below. If you make one, please send us a picture!

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In lieu of gingerbread a and cracker merry xmas everyone #charcuteriehouse

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