Production has been suspended for Ford's best-selling F-150 trucks, due to a fire at an Eaton Rapids, Michigan supplier facility.

Ford has two plants, one in Dearborn, Michigan, and a second in Kansas City, Missouri that makes the F-150. Both have halted production, and it may last several weeks, said CNN Money.

The announcement came on Wednesday, with a company spokesperson, Mark Truby, stating "Our goal is to get ger production up and running as soon as possible."

Production of the larger Ford-Series Super Duty was also paused at the Louisville, Kentucky plant, but production will continue at an additional plant in Ohio.

The halt in production could reportedly last several weeks.

7,600 workers build F-150 trucks at the two plants. They will get most of but not all of their pay during the temporary layoff.

According to CNN Money, Ford still has a roughly an 84-day supply of F-Series trucks in dealer inventories. If production is back up and running in the projected time frame, they won't have issues with shortages.

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