I was watching NBC Nightly News last night with Brian Williams when this siren started going off in the broadcast. I thought it was something in my house till I saw Brian Williams response.

A fire alarm was going off during there broadcast. It was so funny to see his reaction to it but surprising as well because Brian stayed calm cool and collected. I found the video. Check it out.The NBC station in Los Angeles also found it amusing and reported on it.

The veteran “NBC Nightly News” anchor was interrupted by a blaring fire alarm and voice announcement from the opening moments of Tuesday’s east coast broadcast, though that didn’t stop him from continuing on with trademark gravitas.

“You’ll forgive us, we have a fire alarm announcement going on here in the studio,” Williams said before plowing ahead with his lead story on American Airlines’ bankruptcy filing.

As Williams continued to do his thing, the alarm droned on in the background.

It broke into a high-pitched siren shortly before Williams passed on the AA story to reporter Tom Costello. At that point Williams broke into a grin and reassured viewers there was “no danger” to those in studio.

NBC spokeswoman Erika Masonhall later tweeted: "This is the first fire alarm in our @nbcnightlynews studio. System should have been shut off -- but clearly still working out the kinks."

The broadcast was reshot for west coast and MSNBC.com viewers.


Here is the video from last nights broadcast.


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