While there are 3 big games on television tomorrow for all of the sports fanatics. When it comes to my family we love to watch movies after feasting on a great meal for the second and third time during the day. We like to get together and each pick a movie that we will attempt to watch without dozing off for the day.

Here are 5 of my favorite movies that you can literally watch with the entire family. The kids, grandparents, and even friends if you want to invite them over for a little fun for the day.

Plane, Trains, And Automobiles: This is still a classic to me featuring John Candy and Steve Martin. The true example of opposites attracts and man are they different. From the beginning until the end, the movie is full of laughter for everyone.

A Charlie Browns Thanksgiving: You have to do something special for the kids and honestly who doesn't want a little Charlie Brown in their lives. There are sure to be mischievous moments when this gang is in the building.

Fatherhood: I saw this over the summer and I love this movie. It stars Kevin Hart and it shows him in his rawest form ever. While there are some laughs, this movie is all about a suddenly single father adapting to raising his daughter alone. There are plenty of crying moments, but the bonding between families with this movie is definite.

Unaccompanied Minors: This movie was hilarious from the start to finish. While it generally focuses on kids and them being stuck during the holidays with no close family. The bond that they had to create with one another was something to cherish for years.

Home Alone: Another Christmas-themed movie, yet still, one that is a fan favorite including mine. There is nothing like watching Mccauley Culkin take out the bad guys over and over again. I am sure when he was younger and made this movie that he didn't realize the impact that the movie would have on generations to come.




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