Former New Orleans Saints safety Darren Sharper is going to prison for at least nine years after pleading guilty today in Arizona.  Sharper was accused of drugging a woman and then sexually assaulting her.

Sharper showed up for court in Arizona via video conference and enter a plea of guilty.  He was immediately sentenced to nine years in federal prison.  Oh, but it doesn't end there.  The former Super Bowl Champion is accused of also doing the same thing to woman in three other states.

Sharper still will have to face the music in Las Vegas, Nevada along with a charge in California and also answer charges in New Orleans, Louisiana.

In each state that charges have been brought forth on Sharper, he has been accused of drugging women.  Then when they were unconscious or otherwise unable to resist and/or give their consent, Sharper sexually assaulted women.

Darren Sharper (Getty Images)

Sharper was part of the New Orleans Saints team who won the Super Bowl back in 2009. Though he played only two years with the team, he was an instrumental part of the Saints defense that took down then Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning and the Colts to win the Super Bowl.  Sharper's last year to play in the NFL was in 2010.  He is 39 years old.