The love bug topic is a hot thing right now. A few locals are selling their own solutions to help clean them off of your vehicles. I am a traditionalist, I prefer dryer sheets and some elbow grease to get them off. Works like a charm. I have seen great reviews of the local sellers pushing their spray products to remove them, I'd have to assume they're using some citrus-based solution to do it. We aren't talking about cleaning your car, let's talk about how to keep them off of you and away from your porch and the area you're in.

I really didn't know there WAS a way to repel nature's exhibitionists, until today. The bugs are attracted to bright colors, white being the ultimate fetish for their fetish taste. They are also attracted to their own pheromones. That would be why after you throw water on their splattered bodies on your car, they seem to swarm even more. I have discovered a recipe for a repellent that residents in Florida SWEAR by. So, why not share the love, or hate, for some love bug repellent?

This solution is also good for other little bugs you may not want swarming your area, so maybe keep it out on the porch all season long. It's fairly easy and cheap to make. Here's the recipe!

3 Cups Water

1/2 Cup Dishwashing liquid (preferably a citrus scent)

1/2 Cup Mouthwasy (lots of recipes call for the old-school brown Listerine).

This solution will make you 1 quart of repellent. You spray it on the area you are trying to rid them from, and let it sit. That's it. They say it's almost instant. Some suggested spraying it around any doorways and windows as well to keep them from creeping in when you open them. Luckily, we are almost out of their voyeuristic season, but this will be helpful in the future when they make their way back to remind us they get luckier than we do most of the time.

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