You have to be really bold to walk into a casino and rob the place. You know that there are cameras galore in the facility. Well, for these criminals I guess necessity trumped trying to keep a low profile.

Last Friday, three masked men went into a video poker casino in Egan, Louisiana and robbed the place. Of course, the whole thing was caught on video, and now the Acadia Parish Sheriffs Office is asking for the public's help in identifying the suspects.

In the video you're about to watch from KATC-TV, you will see the robbers move freely around the Lucky Jacks casino in Egan, Louisiana. One of the suspects almost assaulted a customer that was in the casino.

Then later in the video, you will see one of the robbery suspects in the cage area taking an unknown amount of cash from the drawers.

Here is the video:

The suspects were last seen getting on Interstate 10 heading Westbound. The Acadia Parish Sheriff's office is asking that if you can help to please contact them at  (337) 788-8700.

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