Nobody likes doing their taxes, but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun with it. With a little ingenuity and good old American know-how, you'll be filing your taxes and smiling the whole time this year.

5.) Don’t do them

The easiest way to do your taxes is to not do them. Of course, it’s also the most risky method, since the IRS doesn’t really like not taking all your money. Still, if you want to try this route, at least do it right.

Get a tricorn hat and maybe some shoes with buckles on them if you want to really sell it, then grab some tea from your pantry and pour it down the toilet as you, I don’t know, hum the Star Spangled Banner and burn your W2 or something. The key is to be as patriotic as possible.

4.) Common Core them

The Feds love the new math, so why not fill out all your forms using Common Core methods? Show your work.


Just add $7 to every $3 deduction to get your total to $10, then subtract by the square root of how fast Timmy can make it to Shreveport if he leaves Lake Charles at 5:00 traveling due east on a slightly confused emu.

See? It's easy!

3.) Hold a House vote

Congress is all about not doing anything by way of voting down any action they could ever possibly take, so why not follow their example? Gather your family together, then hold a House vote on where you want your tax dollars to go. Be sure it ends in a stalemate, then send a letter to the IRS explaining that your return is held up in committee.

2.) Be mysterious

You know how shows like "CSI" or "Law and Order" are always solving crimes by seeing the criminal's reflection in a mirror or a piece of glass in the background? Spice up the IRS' day by adding a little of the same mystery to your return.

Fill in every form backwards, so they'll need to use a mirror to decipher your tax debt. If they call you on it, just pretend you're afflicted with Mirror Writing. It's an actual thing, so don't worry. Leonardo da Vinci wrote most of his notes in mirror, and if it was good enough for him, it should be good enough for the IRS.

1.) File an extension and worry about it later

There are actually a lot of legitimate reasons for filing an extension that don’t involve being lazy or procrastinating, but nobody needs to know any of that. Just fill out Form 4868, drop it in the mail, and pretend April is later in the year whenever you finally get around to filing your taxes, you lazy slacker.

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