The quarter back of the New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees, made an appearance on Sesame Street last week with Elmo.  Drew and Elmo were talking to kids on the topic of measuring.

Drew told Fox sports that his kids loved it.  The episode aired on Thursday December 15th that included Drew and Elmo's segment.  Did you miss it? See it here!

Drew Brees

Drew Brees taped the episode back in April in Los Angeles.  He brought his wife, Brittany, and two young sons Baylen, who will be 3 in January, and 1-year-old Bowen to the taping.

Though the "Sesame Street" set is in New York, the show spends one week a year in Los Angeles taping special segments with various celebrity guests.

For his part, Brees participates in a "Word on the Street" segment in which he helps Elmo explain the meaning of the word "measure." Besides using a ruler, Brees shows Elmo how to measure with nontraditional items, such as a potato, a tube of toothpaste and a football.

--Associated Press

Here is Drew Brees and Elmo.


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