When I was younger and living in Virginia Beach, Virginia (military brat) the Fishers lived across the street. The Fisher family consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Fisher and their seven daughters. Sometimes you have to know when to say when. You know the Fishers last few tries were for a boy. Is Drew Brees going through the same thing trying for a girl?


Drew is already daddy of 5 year old Baylen, 3 year old Bowen and 1 year old Callen (all boys.) Drew told E Entertainment that he ask the boys if they wanted a brother or sister and they all said "sister." Having grown up in a family with three boys I could tell him that four boys means even teams when playing backyard football; but who knows .... maybe the girl would be the best quarterback in the bunch. Either way I am sure Drew and Brittany will be happy and feel blessed. It sure is going to be hard for Drew to hold up all four next year when he accepts his Superbowl MVP trophy.