Life is all about new experiences. Tomorrow I do something I have never done before. Sure I have spoke in front of large groups; but I have never spoke about my fight with cancer. I will do that for the first time tomorrow.

Don Rivers
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I have often been the person introducing a speaker. I remember introducing Bill Cosby one time and he turned the tables on me and went on stage to introduce me so I could introduce him. He's so funny. But tomorrow morning I am the speaker and it's not something I have done a lot of. Sure I am a leader and have lead many industry groups but I am usually talking about goals, objectives and methodology. This time I will be speaking in front of a group about something much more personal.

I have never been a part of a group of cancer survivors who have talked about thier struggles. I think it would be good for me though. I have just never made the effort to join such a group so this will be my first time to candidly talk about my struggle. This is due in part to the fact that I feel like others who have lost their battle and those still struggling have a better story than I do. I don't feel like I deserve the spotlight; but I was ask to do it and I rarely say no when offered a chance to help others.  I have decided that if I am going to do this ... I should be completely candid. I will tell stories that I have never told anyone before. It will be difficult for me because it will bring back painful memories of the weakest point in my life; but maybe it will inspire the group.

I will be speaking at the American Cancer Societies Relay for Life Kick-off Breakfast tomorrow morning (7:30) at Reeves Uptown Catering. Get a team together and come join us.

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