The family home of Brian Laundrie got an unexpected visitor this weekend. Dog the Bounty Hunter came knocking on the door. The TV-famed bounty hunter has thrown his hat in the ring to look for Lauundrie as a person of interest in his girlfriend's death after it was ruled a homicide. Brian Laundrie was last seen on September 14 by family and has disappeared since he became the person of interest in the case. Gabby Petito's remains were discovered last week near the Grand Teton National Park. Laundrie has yet to return home since he went hiking, or so he told his family.

courtesy, Jeanne Marie Goss
courtesy, Jeanne Marie Goss

The bounty hunter's knocks were not very welcome according to a 911 phone call placed by Roberta Laundrie. The Dog did state that he was there to let the family know that he would indeed be searching for their son and wanted them to know he would bring the son in alive. The Bounty Hunter has claimed since that he has thousands of leads on where Laundrie can be found. Before his TV fame,

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