Damon Troy and Final Five set the house on fire Friday night with their blistering set at the Marshland Festival, and we brought our cameras to make sure we didn’t miss a beat.  When he ripped into “Party Down,” it made our hair stand up.  If it don’t give you the chills, see a doctor, baby.

Could you imagine hanging out with these guys every day?  The fun part is you don’t have to imagine.  Damon Troy and Final Five will be our special guests on a seven-day cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel from Feb. 5-12, 2012.  That’s a seven-day cruise with one of Louisiana’s hottest stage acts, and you can book your spot on the cruise with only a $25 deposit right now.  Call our friends at GlobeTrek Travel at (337)477-0835.

We’ll be bringing you festival highlights all week – including more Damon Troy and Final Five footage -- right here at CajunRadio.net.

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