Those "flushable" wipes you purchase at your favorite retail chain may not be as safe for the sewer system as the packaging claims they are. I tend not to flush them down my toilet anyway, just for safe measure.

Walmart, Target, CVS, and Costco are reportedly among several retail companies being sued due to the effects their flushable wet wipes are having on the sewage system in New York, said TMZ. The state of NY is actively pursuing a lawsuit, and the blame is being placed solely on those alleged "flushable" wipes.

TMZ obtained documents that claim the wipes are "safe for sewers and septic tanks because they break down easily after flushing", but the homeowners association isn't buying it, especially since they have proof it's costing the state $18 million a year in damages.

So, what do they hope to achieve with this lawsuit? They want the "flushable" label removed until they actually live up to the name. Until then, they're holding the retailers and manufacturers responsible.

[Source: TMZ]

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