It's been decades since I sat in a classroom and allegedly listened to what an educator was trying to teach me. I am willing to be there have been a few changes in the classroom decorum since the middle 80's.

That's why I was surprised to learn that an Associate Professor at LSU had been dismissed from her position of teaching elementary education at the school because of foul language and sexually themed humor. Okay, in this day and age nothing really surprises me about school anymore but even back in the dark ages college professors told dirty jokes and cursed in class.

Theresa Buchanan was dismissed from her job even after a five member faculty panel recommended that she be retained. Professor Kevin Cope, LSU Faculty Senate President, told the Louisiana Radio Network that while there is no denial that adult language and situations were represented in the classroom. The manner in which they were being used was not out of line.

He explained that there was a difference between calling another person a name or referencing them with inappropriate language but when describing a classroom environment the language was necessary.

If on the other hand you say here's an example of the kind of language you're going to hear when you're in an impoverished school district or dealing with troubled youth, that's a different matter, altogether.

Buchanan has plans to appeal her dismissal. Cope believes that she has a very strong case for getting her job back. He believes that if the university is going to take this kind of stand on foul language it should it extend to all departments in the university. That would include the football program as well.


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