There are a lot of things we don't know about former LSU head football coach Ed Orgeron. Some of those things, I am sure, are the reason he is no longer head coach at LSU. That being said I still have an appreciation for where he came from and what he accomplished. I also appreciate how he hasn't been on the bad-mouth trail too. Maybe that silence is part of the buyout agreement that was offered when he left the LSU program.

One thing Coach O has never shied away from is being in public. He is usually a very jovial sort of fellow and based on what I have seen, he just goes with the flow whether he is hanging out in Destin Florida, where he is spotted quite often. Or, if he is enjoying some beach time in a place like Cabo Mexico, 

As you can see in this Twitter video Coach was obviously recognized by some douchebags who thought it might be fun to "clown" a man who probably has more money in the bank than they will ever see and has accomplished more in his professional life than they ever will.

I guess it's amazing what alcohol can do when you're an immature college kid on spring break. It's pretty obvious that something was said, we can't hear it but judging by Coach O's stare those little weenies from Oklahoma as they were identified in a Tweet, had better be glad that Coach O wasn't in any mood to play with children.

I am pretty sure those Oklahoma lads were just telling Coach O about how much they wish Oklahoma could one day win an NCAA championship in football. I believe that year was 2000 and most of the punks clowning Coach O were still having their diapers changed by their mothers.

I wonder if those little OU punks ever heard Coach O's response to a caller on a radio show that decided to get sideways with Ed.

You might recall Coach O suggested that he knew of a "nice little fishing hole for people like that". Somehow I think Coach O might have been alluding to the fact the caller and these kids from OU would be used more as bait than as fishermen. But I could have misinterpreted his meaning.

It just goes to show you, once you're in the public light, you never seem to leave the public light, especially when you're a former coach or of one of the most-watched football programs in the country. Coach O, thanks for keeping your cool and I personally look forward to seeing you back in college football. I promise you there is not a school in the country that wouldn't want to have that guy recruiting athletes for their program. He is among the best.

And I bet he has used every one of these phrases at some time during a conversation.

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