Well we have a race now.  Tara Hollis has thrown her hat in the ring and has officially announced that she plans to run for Governor of Louisiana.

Tara Hollis

Claiborne Parish, LA(KSLA)- Tara Hollis, a public educator with Claiborne Parish Schools and a conservative Democrat, has announced her candidacy for the Louisiana Governorship.

Hollis spoke before the Claiborne Parish School Board in Homer on May 11th, to address the recent budget cuts that led to the layoff of more than 60 personnel from the schools in Claiborne Parish.

She spoke about the break down of the state's current school system, and to the problems these cuts would cause down the road, stating "You have cut our art programs, our music, and our band, now you are cutting our teachers. Soon our students will have nothing left." The board was quick to point fingers at budget cuts from Baton Rouge, encouraging Hollis to take her concerns to the state's capital.

Hollis, 33, a resident of Haynesville Louisiana is a graduate of La Tech, where she earned her Masters in Education.

Hollis further stated, " I believe it is time that someone steps up and challenges the current administration, we cannot continue down the road we are on. We need a change. I am taking a firm stand against the political corruption that has become a way of life in Louisiana, and I am asking the people of this great state to stand with me. Together we can provide more for our children, and better for our state."

To read more about Tara Hollis for Governor visit www.hollis2011.com

Do you know who she is and would you vote for her over Bobby Jindal????

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