So the former Governor of Louisiana Edwin Edwards got married over the weekend.  He married a woman 52 years younger than him.


Former Gov. Edwin Edwards is married again.

The 4-time ex-governor, who will be 84 next month, told a crowd in the lobby of the Monteleone Hotel that he married 32-year-old Trina Grimes Scott in a simple private ceremony Friday morning.

Grimes, clutching a bridal bouquet, stood next to Edwards, who did most of the talking to reporters and admirers in the hotel lobby after couple emerged from an elevator.

The bride befriended Edwards while he was serving a federal prison sentence for a bribery and extortion scheme.

Edwards wore a blue suit, while the bride wore a cream-colored, knee-length, bare-shouldered dress.

A reporter asked what the dress was made of. She said she didn't know. Edwards quipped: "It's Italian silk, with a Cajun twist."

What is your take on this????

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