Lake Charles, La. - With tropical weather brewing in the Gulf of Mexico, the City of Lake Charles is preparing for what could happen and what course of action should be taken by residents here in Southwest Louisiana if impacted.

We could begin to experience heavy rainfall on Friday, August 25, which is expected to last for several days, but "no interruptions in city services are planned," said a media release.

The city's public works and public safety departments are preparing for the possibility of flooding streets by "clearing storm drains, catching basins of debris that can clog drainage infrastructure, and crews are mobilizing to place barricades on the neutral ground near the edge of flood-prone roadways." Taking these precautions will give them more time to move barricades into areas where streets tend to flood quickly if flooding should happen.

Here a few things for residents in SWLA to adhere to should Tropical Depression Harvey impact our area, according to Matt Young with the City of Lake Charles.

Listen to local emergency officials, and follow their instructions. Listen to local TV and radio for updates. The City’s website will have up-to-date information on related activities with links to local media.

Help keep storm drains cleared from clogging by picking up toys, limbs and other loose items in your yard that may be swept into streets and can easily clog catch basins.

Do not drive on flooded streets. Driving through moving water not only puts your safety into jeopardy because your vehicle can be swept off the road, but the wake created by your vehicle can also cause damage to homes along the street. If you come upon a flooded street, take an alternate route if at all possible.

Get the latest tropical weather updates via the National Hurricane Center website.

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