I'd like to think I know enough about our country and the way it works to become a United States citizen. However, I have never taken the citizenship test that any person who is applying for and desiring citizenship in this country must take.

Should Governor Jindal sign the proposed legislation, that citizenship test would become a part of Louisiana high school civics curriculum. That is expected to happen in the coming weeks.

Frank Riggs spoke to the Louisiana Radio Network last week about the possibility of Louisiana becoming the 8th state to require passing the citizenship test as part of the high school experience.

We believe that preparing young people for citizenship is an essential purpose of our public high schools. It was the founding purpose of public education.

Riggs is President and CEO of the Joe Foss Institute which leads the National Civics Initiative.

Should the legislation become law, civics courses in the state would include curriculum that is taught to immigrants seeking to become citizens.  In order to graduate, the student must pass the naturalization exam to graduate.This would make Louisiana one of seven states that would require such knowledge in order to graduate high school.

Lafayette Senator Page Cortez sponsored the legislation and he told the media,

This is all about making our young people become better Americans

I would have to agree. You'd think the people that live here would want to know as much as the people who have decided to make this their home. If you'd like to see how much you know about these United States and the way its government works, here is a practice test you can take.

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