Starting from a small lot on Prien Lake Road across from Dairy Barn, Speedway Motors has grown a lot over the years. The latest addition to the family is Speedway Customs and Offroad, which has become the place to go for aftermarket customization options in the lake area.

Speedway owner Chris Boyett started out selling cars for other dealers, worked hard, then decided to venture out on his own by founding Speedway Motors. A few years and several successful locations later, Chris took his passion for aftermarket customs and launched Speedway Customs and Offroad.

What made you decide to open a customs shop in addition to your regular business?
CB: I’ve always been interested in taking factory-standard vehicles and making them my own with custom enhancements, such as specialty tires, a nice lift, and anything else that reflects my personality. I figured other people might want the same thing, so I opened up Speedway Customs and Offroad.

How did you find the money to open your business?
CB: I worked as a salesperson for other dealers for years, but always wanted to branch out on my own. So, I worked hard and saved my money, then used what I’d tucked away along with a small personal loan to open our first Speedway Motors location on Prien Lake Road.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone thinking of launching a small business, what would it be?
CB: That’s easy: do what you love, and love what you do. If you just go into business to make money, you’re probably not going to be successful. Starting your own business takes a lot of sacrifice, with long hours and plenty of sleepless nights, so you need to have a passion for whatever it is you’re doing, or you’re just not going to make it. I love what I do, or I wouldn’t be here.

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