When it comes to having a good time, Louisiana is the state that is top-notch above the rest. That is my opinion, but there is such a variety and culture that is here in Louisiana. Whether it's the musical sounds of Zydeco, or Creole Music, The exclusive 'Hand Grenades' that you can find in New Orleans. Maybe the best food, and Gumbo that you can only find done authentically here in Louisiana. The good thing about that is you don't have to eat out to get Gumbo. Any Louisiana resident can whip up a pot right there in the kitchen.

The spirits are great in Louisiana, and if you are looking for great wines to try out here are some wineries that are right here in Louisiana. All it takes is a tank of gas, maybe a night or two hotels stay, and leave the rest to these great folks to take care of your bubbly needs.

Pontchartrain Vineyards- Winery

81250 LA- 1082

Bush, La

Landry Vineyards, LLC

5699 New Natchitoches Rd

West Monroe, La

On Cloud Wine Winery and Vineyard

6936 Buncombe Rd

Shreveport, La

Milicevic Family Vineyards

28480 LA- 435

Abita Springs, La

LA Serendipity Vineyards

82178 Old Military

Bush, La

The experience can be for a date or just a group get-together. My family and I went to one in Atlanta a few years ago, and the experience was monumental. You really get a chance to check out a variety of wines, and you can also purchase them as well. I would advise you to take a look at some of these at home first and get ready to be hooked like we were.

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