According to location data taken from smartphones, Calcasieu Parish residents are doing a pretty good job of keeping their social distance.

This Social Distancing Scoreboard, created by Norwegian company, Unacast, uses smartphone data to track movement over time to determine whether or not people are staying at home. It does not, however, track if people are staying six feet apart from one another.

Calcasieu Parish earned a B grade from the scoreboard. The biggest drop in movement occurred after March 19 and is continuing to trend downward. Surrounding parishes Beauregard and Jefferson Davis also received Bs, while Cameron received a C. Allen Parish has an A.

Louisiana currently has a B rating overall, as does the United States as a whole. Wyoming is the only state with an F.

Madison Parish currently has the lowest grade of F while Orleans is among the parishes with an A rating, owing to a sharp drop in movement around March 16.

The interactive scoreboard map can be found here.

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