ACT testing in the spring and fall for seniors was interrupted by a global pandemic and two catastrophic hurricanes. The next round of ACT testing will be on December 12. Seniors can now get their registration and late fees waived in Calcasieu parish in order to take the upcoming test.

With money being tight due to recent events, this gives an opportunity to these students to continue on their educational paths and not worry about the financial strain it could have. If you are a senior or a parent of one, you can reach out to your school's counselor for more information about the waiver or visit the ACT website for further information on registering for the test, testing schedule times, and testing locations around the parish.

Also, please remember your calculator for the ACT. They won't let you run back to your car when you forget it on the passenger seat five minutes before the test starts. I may or may not know that for a fact!

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