This year, we let you know what your Cajun sign of the zodiac was, shared the heartwarming story of the first Cajun Thanksgiving with you, and even played a round of Wheel of Fortune. Check out our most Cajun posts of 2016.

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    The 20 Most Common Cajun Last Names In Louisiana

    From the Boudreauxs to the Thibodeauxs, to the Robins to the Comeauxs, South Louisiana, especially Acadiana, has the run on Cajun last names. What are the most common Cajun last names in Louisiana? Here's what we found out.

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    The First Cajun Thanksgiving

    If you've ever wondered what the first Cajun Thanksgiving was like, check this out to learn what they never taught you in school. Some of it might even be true. Maybe.

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    Wheel Of Fortune – Cajun Style

    Ever wonder what Wheel of Fortune would be like if Vanna White were Cajun? Spin the wheel, buy a vowel, and find out here.

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    The Twelve Cajun Days Of Christmas

    Having barely survived the first Cajun Thanksgiving in Louisiana, Thibaut moved to New York and started sending gifts to his friends back home. Then this happened...

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    Cajun Signs Of The Zodiac

    Did you know there's a Louisiana version of the Zodiac? Probably not, because we just invented it. Come pass a good time and find out what your Cajun Zodiac sign is.