My heart is heavy today as I and the rest of the world learned today that Cajun Music superstar Jamie Bergeron has cancer.  Jamie took to Facebook on a live feed video to let all his friends and fans know what he had learned after making a trip to the doctor.

A lot of you know that me and Jamie are very close friends.  I mean I have worked with him professionally through booking him for concerts and festivals and also interviewing him on the radio and playing his music.  But it goes deeper than that.  Over the many years I have known Jamie, we have become great friends.  We have hung out on a personal level at my house and also at his home.  We talk all the time and we always are cutting up with each other.

Jamie Bergeron is one of the kindest, nicest and most genuine guys you will ever meet.  He always is cutting up, joking around and always takes the time out to meet with all his fans after each of his shows.

He is also the kind of guy that will drop everything to help you out.  He is always willing to lend his talents to help people in need by playing benefits for people battling heath issues.

Well now he is in a battle of his own.  Jamie announced on Facebook that after going to the doctor last Thursday that he found out that he has Colon Cancer.  In the video below Jamie explains the diagnosis and what is coming up for him in the upcoming weeks to battle this cancer.

Now we all need to band together and send many many prayers for Jamie for a quick and speedy recovery.  He has given to us for so long and now it's our turn to give back to him. Love ya Baw and we are here with you every step of the way!

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