The Courir De Mardi Gras is translated to"Mardi Gras Run" and is a tradition in South and central Louisiana. It's where a group of revelers get together and go house to house in a community to collect items for a gumbo and once it's done is results in a big cook out and dance.

Here is a really cool video I found from 1975 from the documentary "The Good Times are Killing Me".


In 1975, video pioneers TVTV produced the documentary "The Good Times Are Killing Me" about the people they met in the towns of Basile, Mamou, and Eunice, Louisiana. The video documented the old culture and way of life, including the traditional Courir de Mardi Gras or "Mardi Gras Run," a celebration involving masked revelers riding from house to house begging for live chickens and other ingredients for use in a communal gumbo.

Source: Youtube


Happy Mardi Gras Everyone!

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