The Grammy Award ceremonies are under way and we just received word that The Band Courtbouillon which consists of Wayne Toups, Steve Riley and Wilson Savoy just won the Grammy Award for 'Best Regional Roots Music Album".

Wayne_Toups_Grammy (Wayne Toups with Grammy)

Wayne Toups was on hand to accept the award on behalf of the band and he posted the above picture on his Facebook page and said, "I would to thank God and all my wonderful fans."

The video below is from the show where the presenter announces the nominees and then announces the winner of the Grammy.  See Wayne Toups go on stage an receive the Grammy Award!


On the Grammy web page it said, "Toups, Riley and Savoy are up for one nomination each this year, marking the first GRAMMY nomination for Toups. Riley has five prior GRAMMY nominations and Savoy has four prior nominations.

Here is Wayne being interviewed on the red carpet at the Grammy's.

Here were the nominees in the category:

The Band Courtbouillon

Wayne Toups, Steve Riley & Wilson Savoy

Label: Valcour Records

Malama Ko Aloha (Keep Your Love)

Keola Beamer

Label: 'Ohe Records

Shi Kéyah – Songs For The People

Radmilla Cody

Label: Canyon Records


Weldon Kekauoha

Label: 'Ohelo Records

Nothin' But The Best

Corey Ledet With Anthony Dopsie And André Thierry

Label: Corey Ledet
The Band Courtbouillon Band Courtbouillon

A big congrats goes out to Wayne Toups, Steve Riley and Wilson Savoy.  We are a proud supporter of your music and to play this great album!

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