According to CNN, at least 11 police officers and 1 civilian were shot in Dallas on Thursday night, July 7. Police have 3 suspects cornered, and are now involved in a stand off with a gunman who was reportedly still exchanging gunfire with officers.

Two snipers are said to have shot and killed 4 officers, during a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest. A witness told CNN that in the midst of those protests for the fatal police shooting of Alton Sterling (Louisiana) and Philando Castile (Minnesota), gunshots rang out as protesters “suddenly scattered in all directions."

Police officers were reportedly "crouched behind vehicles while others approached the scene holding protective shields."

We’ll keep you posted as this tragic story unfolds. We send our deepest condolences and prayers to the Dallas Police Department and the families of the officers killed in the line of duty.

Read More: CNN & Huffington Post


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