There weren't many Louisiana members voting against the bill, so its final passage isn't really a surprise.

The legal age to purchase or use tobacco or vaping products in Louisiana is now officially 21. Of course, as many of you know, the jump from 18 to 21 was made at the federal level back in 2019 when then-President Donald Trump signed it into effect.

Now, with Louisiana's passing of the bill, there are just 17 states that haven't altered their statewide legal age to purchase or use tobacco or vaping products to comply with federal law.

Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living Associate Director Shawna Shields believes this will help, saying, "The older that they are before they actually try a tobacco product the less likely they are to start. So, the goal is to keep them from starting 21 and under."

Shields also said because House Bill 473 aligned with federal law to increase the age limit, it faced little to no opposition.

Of course, this means that 18-20-year-olds in our state who have already picked up the habit are now unable to continue this habit legally. These people will not be grandfathered in. Shields says, "Specifically in that age range of 18 to 21 that are caught in this in-between to go to 1-800-Quit Now and quit."



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