Cajun Radio is giving one lucky Cajun Krewe member the opportunity to be a guest DJ with me, Mike Soileau, on my show! Have you ever wanted to be on the radio p[laying your favorite songs? Well now you can!

Our lucky winner will sit in the studio with me, host the show and pick the songs we play!  Sound like fun?  Well here is how you can be the next Cajun Radio DJ!

All you have to do it be a Cajun Krewe member!  It is free to become part of our Krewe.  Once you are a Cajun Krewe member, you can take your points from playing the "Word of the Day" or the points you earn by  listening online and enter to win your spot in our studio!

Cajun Radio

You can enter as many times as you like.  The winner will sit in the studio with me for at least one hour and talk on the air with me, pick the songs and interact with the listners on the phone, internet and over the air.

You know, just like a real DJ does!  So are you the next Cajun Radio DJ?











Only Cajun Krewe members are eligible to win. If your not part of our Cajun Krewe then join today!

We will pull a winner from all the entries on Monday March 20th, 2012.

You could be the next Cajun Radio DJ!

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