Today in Tha Wire you may wanna think twice before you buy an Apple smart phone, because it may be too damn smart.   According to reports the iconic tech giant just got the green light for a patent that will temporarily disable the iPhone camera in certain areas when users try and shoot videos.  Not sure when all this is suppose to take effect but when and if it does, iPhone customers will no longer be able to video concerts, in museums or other so-called secure events and places.

So how are they gonna do this?  Well...apparently smartphones with this new technology will activate transmitters that would use infrared signals to disable cameras.  For instance if your at a concert and you aim your iPhone towards the stage to video your favorite artist, don't be surprised if your camera doesn't record or shuts-off.  An just so you know this new technology will work in a similar way if you try an take a picture of certain things.

How exactly are they gonna pull that off you ask?  Reportedly the phone will simply not allow it.  That's right!  The way it's suppose to work is when an iPhone customer tries to snap a pic of someone or something that's "restricted," the phone will automatically insert a watermark onto the photo, or blur it out entirely.

As I said,  there's no word when or if Apple plans to implement their new invention anytime soon.  Just know that they've been approved and have the technology to do it, whenever they get ready.  An if reports are accurate, this may happen sooner than later as they're taking the steps in that direction now.

For more info on Apples new patent, click here.


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