The City of Lake Charles wants area citizens to know the Lake Charles Fire Department (LCFD) will soon be conducting their semi-annual water hydrant tests in Ward 3 (District 2,) beginning July 6 through August 6.  What does this mean for folks living and working in this area?  Well it's possible that residents could see a temporary change in the color of their tap water (rust color) and maybe some small particles floating around.

Don't be alarmed.  This is actually normal says the LCFD.  They say the important thing is it's a temporary condition and the water is safe for domestic use.  This usually happens anytime hydrants are flushed settlement and various iron particles get stirred-up.  However the hydrant tests are necessary twice a year, in order for the LCFD to maintain its Class Two Fire Rating.

Residents experiencing discolored water can pick up cleaning detergent from the LCFD to wash their clothes.  The detergent should remove any red staining and may be picked-up at the following locations:

The LCFD Administration building located at 4200 Kirkman St., from any the LCFD fire trucks, or your neighborhood fire house. For more details residents can also call 491-1598 or 491-1599.