Before we start, yes, it has been replaced already. 

Spelling in the world of signage tends to be the most important thing in the business. It's not something you simply just want to leave up to spell check to handle. As I type this, I am doing my best to make sure everything in this article is spelled right. I just KNOW someone is going to catch a missed word. Oh well, I'm a radio DJ, not an English major!

As the city continues to come back from Hurricanes Laura and Delta, lots of signs around the city are finally being replaced. As a resident of Lake Charles, America, I don't tend to look at many street signs. I am sure you don't either unless you are headed to a new neighborhood. Noticing this little mistake would have probably taken me years to figure out. Your brain tends to just read the first letter or two, then the last letter or two, and fills in the blank. It's quicker that way!

Lisa Addison
Lisa Addison

Lisa Addison, however, has a bigger brain than most of us. She noticed this freshly replaced Nelson Road sign at the corner of McNeese and Nelson. It had a bit of a misspelling on it. Nelson Road was Neslon Road. Oops. Now, who in the world is going to really catch that? Personally, I had to look at it for a long-hot-minute to realize why we were laughing at a street sign. I'm slow, but I'm cute!

According to Addison, the sign was replaced with the correct spelling the very next morning. Crisis averted! We have all made spelling mistakes in our life. I worked entirely too hard on making sure every word in the article was spelled correctly. However, me being the rebel that I am, I misspelled one word in this article, intentionally. Can you spot what word it is? If you can, maybe you should apply for the street sign spelling correction job! Go ahead, read it again. Let's see if you can find it!

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