Live sports. Got your attention, didn't we? Folks in Southwest Louisiana are having withdrawals over not being able to see a live sporting event in our area.

Well, we have good news and bad news for you. We found a live sporting event to go watch outside while enjoying the weather and still being able to social distance. The bad news is this Saturday's event will also mark the end of the season.

We are talking about live quarter horse racing in Southwest Louisiana at Delta Downs racetrack in Vinton. This Saturday, August 22, will be the running of the Louisiana Showcase night. This is where horses born, bread, and trained right here in Louisiana will be on display for a night of live quarter horse racing action.

There will be ten live quarter horse races in all starting at 6:15pm this Saturday night, boasting the richest horse races in the history of Louisiana, regardless of breed. That race will be the tenth and final race of the night, and it is worth a staggering $1,025,782.

Quarter Horse racing (Don Stevevns/Delta Downs)
Quarter Horse racing (Don Stevevns/Delta Downs)

The race is the annual Lee Berwick Futurity and it is only 350 yards, which takes the horses and the jockeys around 17 to 20 seconds to complete, depending on how fast the horse is.

They will also have another race worth $256,305 called the Delta Downs Derby. That race will be the ninth one on the racing card Saturday night, and it runs just before the Lee Berwick Futurity.

Guess what? It is free to go watch the races, and you can even bring the kids. After each race, kids can get up close and personal with the jockeys and the horses. It will be an experience they will never forget. So, get out the house and have some fun at a live sporting event here in Southwest Louisiana.

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