The unthinkable...parent forgets their child in the car and they die.  As a mother I can not imagine ever being able to get over a loss so great.  The pain has got to be absolutely unbearable.  Yet as crazy as it may sound, I understand that it is incredibly easy to do if you get sidetracked.  Some would say, "How could they?"  Think about it, if the child is quiet or sleeping, all it takes is a little distraction.  This kinda thing is very possible for new parents or a parent/loved one that's not used to picking up a child to do.

It only takes 15 minutes for a child to die of heatstroke in a hot car.  Police in Mississippi responded to a call of a child found unresponsive in a car last week.  The tragedy occurred on Wednesday May 11, where a 2-year old little girl was found dead in her mother's SUV.  Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker said the incident is being investigated, but said "it looks like a tragic accident."

"Unfortunately you hear about it periodically across the country, across the state. Unfortunately this one's here in Madison County," said Sheriff Randy Tucker.  Imagine the horror the child's mother felt when she arrived at, Little Footprints Learning Center, to pick her baby up, only to be told she never dropped her off.

Sheriff Tucker explained upon hearing the news, she "immediately became distraught, ran out to the car and realized the two year old was still in the car."  It was to late.  Madison County, Mississippi deputies got a call to 319 Distribution Drive around 3:20 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

According to investigators the toddler was strapped in her car seat, in her mother's vehicle all day, in temperatures that reached the mid 80's.  Raven Braden, mother of a six-year-old that attends the same daycare, was picking her child up and witnessed the sad event unfold.  She told the reporters on the scene, "I think we just have to slow down and basically take the time to look, to make sure that we're handling everything when it comes to our children. That's really sad."

The mother and two year old's names are being withheld and so far no charges have been filed.  Both parents were questioned at the scene.  The case is being turned over to the District Attorney's Office.

This can happen to any of us.  Mrs. Braden hit the nail on the head, we all do need to slow down.  When transporting your kids or grand kids back and forth try these following tips to help remind you that you have precious cargo aboard:

1. - Put a purse, wallet, cell phone or something your need in the backseat.  Put anything that would require you to have to open the back door every time you park, even a pair of shoes

2. - Try the opposite.  Like putting something BIG in the passenger seat like a stuffed animal to remind you, your baby is in the back.  Janette Fennell, founder & president of said, "Doing this serves as a visual reminder that any time the stuffed animal is up front, the baby is in the back."

3. - Whether your child is with you or not, start making it a habit to open the back door of your car every time you get out. In this case a slight case of OCD, isn't a bad idea.  This way, you'll never forget to check your back seat.

4. - Have your child care provider call you if your child doesn't arrived at a certain time. It's always a good idea to develop safety precautions and give the care giver your schedule, so they can know your daily routine.

5. - If you spot a child alone in a car, remember it only takes 15 minutes for a child to die in a hot car.  So don't hesitate to call 911 immediately.

6.- Finally, make sure your vehicle is locked even when it's parked in your garage or driveway.  There's been tragic cases where children have died after hiding or playing in a parked car and didn't know how to get out. On that same note, keep your car keys and remotes out of their reach so they can't gain access to the vehicle without you knowing.