It's Friday the 13th. It's been a long week. I've decided at 6pm that I'm ready to call it a night. My cat and I are relaxing in bed, when my Gigibaby hops in next to me, followed by my daughter and my husband.

"Look, Gigi!," the innocent child exclaims. I look over to see my husband, hand outstretched, holding a very long reptile. And it's alive. The video tells the rest of the story.


Please forgive my reference to the underworld several times during the video. I'm, frankly, surprised that's the worst epithet that flew from my lips.

They found it being cornered by two neighborhood cats. My husband was armed with a shovel, ready to behead it, when he recognized it as a Rat Snake or Chicken Snake. This species is non-venomous and quite beneficial to us, although I didn't want it anywhere in or near my bedroom! Rodents and chicken eggs are their favorite entree, hence, their name.


After nearly giving me a heart attack, they took the only-offending-to-me predator outside and had a grand time with it before releasing it back under the neighbor's house from whence it came. My daughter and husband have a particular affinity for these no-legged creatures. One I don't share.

There are rodents that make their home in our shop, so bon appetit, sir. Stay out of my house.


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