The LSU Tigers will take on the Arkansas Razorbacks Friday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. in Tigers Stadium in Baton Rouge in what is now being billed the game of the year . Also, it is the annual "Battle of the Golden Boot". The winner receives a trophy shaped like Louisiana and Arkansas to keep at their campus for the next year.

Not long ago, the LSU/Alabama game was called the game of the century.

So my question to you is what game is more important?  Was it the LSU/Alabama game or Friday's  game against Arkansas.  Let's take a look.When LSU and Alabama played each other LSU was ranked #1 while Alabama was ranked #2.   Friday's game LSU is #1 and Arkansas is #3.

The difference between the two games is simple.  Friday's game against Arkansas is the last game of the regular season which means with a win, LSU can concrete there selves a spot into the SEC Championship game against Georgia and most likely a spot in the National Championship game on January 9th  in New Orleans.

This is where is get really confusing though.  If the Tigers were to lose the game against Arkansas, then LSU would most likely drop in the BCS rankings due to the voters "What have you done lately" attitude of voting.

The scenario would then be LSU beat Alabama, Alabama beat Arkansas but Arkansas would have then beaten LSU.  Then what happens?

Well the best way to avoid this is just for the Tigers to beat Arkansas on Friday afternoon. The game will be televised nationally on CBS at 1:30 p.m.

If you have never been to an LSU Game then this it what the pre game ceremonies look like as the LSU Marching band comes down victory hill!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and GEAUX TIGERS!!!