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The roller coaster ride that 2020 has become still isn't over. The same year that brought us a record number of hurricanes, murder hornets and Merriam-Webster's "Word of the Year," PANDEMIC, has yet another surprise for you.

That unemployment check you so desperately need from the Louisiana Workforce Commission, could be slightly delayed. And much like the rest of this year, where the "well" were quarantined instead of the "sick," this delay is probably none of your own doing, but apparently that of scrupulous criminals.

In a story first reported by the Louisiana Radio Network, we learn that the Louisiana Workforce Commission is reviewing about 32,000 claims that could be fraudulent.

According to LWC Secretary Ava Dejoie, “That is going to require those individuals, through no fault of their own, through the fault of those criminals out there to face some additional delays and that, of course, is very, very unfortunate.”

Dejoie goes on to say, “Now I’m not an IT expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I don’t think this is mom or your neighbor. These are sophisticated crime syndicates that are taking advantage of an awful situation.”

We also learn that apparently this issue isn't exclusive to Louisiana as reports just like this are coming in from all over the country, but nonetheless, it's slowed the process in Louisiana as suspicious claims are having to be reviewed. However, according to Dejoie, not all accounts will see a delay in payments. Those more likely to see a hold up are ones filing for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance without a previous claim and accounts that have their payments sent to a debit card or a bank account not linked to their name.

“But this will slow down that process as we make sure that no one is a victim of identify theft, fraud, or having someone claim unemployment benefits in their name,” said Dejoie.

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