Check your pockets, sofa cushions, and the console of your car. You may have a 1970 quarter worth $35,000!

No one seems to be certain how many of these 1970-S Proof Quarters were created, but they happened by mistake. They were minted over 1941 Canadian quarters and contain what are called proof errors. When studied closely, the markings of the original coin are still visible, however slight.

The state of California got permission to acquire the lot of quarter, which it then auctioned off. The quarters made their way into the population.

Proof errors in U.S. monetary instruments are rare and highly sought after by collectors, and one such collector has already sold at least one of the quarters for $35,000! There are at least two others being offered for sale right now on ebay.

Check the date on your quarter. See if there is a "ghost" 1941 just above the word "DOLLAR" on the side with the eagle. See if you see any other hints of the Canadian quarter lurking beneath the surface. You might turn that 25 cents into $35,000.