Cajun music has lost a great musician.  World-Renowned Cajun fiddler and musician Al Berard has passed away at the age of 53.

Most people knew him as a fiddler, and occasional guitar player, but for others he was a husband, a father, a mentor and a friend. Those who knew him best say they couldn't be prouder of the legacy he left behind.

Al Berard wore many hats in his 53 years as a singer, songwriter, fiddle player, guitarist, mentor, friend, father and husband.

"To us, and our family, he was 'Pop' and he was perfect. He'd just say 'peace on earth and love.' That was his motto and he really did live by it," said daughter Laura Huval.

His career earned him a Cajun French Music Association Award and several others, including a Grammy nomination.

"Al was probably one of the most brilliant musicians to come out of an area of brilliant musicians. But what made him special was that he had a huge heart and generosity of spirit," said friend, and fellow musician, Blake Castille.

Just last week Berard finished a guitar album that was set to release in the next couple of months.

"But one amazing thing, we have his legacy recorded. He made so many recordings and we'll have it forever, grandkids, great grandkids. It's there. He's not leaving," said Huval.

He loved playing music and shared it with Acadiana and the world.


Here is a video of Al Berard doing what he loved doing.  RIP Al and thank you for your contribution to Cajun music and our culture!